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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pitchweight?

Pitchweight was developed to address various problems that are currently affecting the music industry. Everything was going "fine" until roughly around the year 2000 when two major events hit the market. First of all, the internet file sharing phenomenon completely revolutionized the way music is consumed. Secondly, the cost of recording music began to drop in price considerably. Much has written about these subjects, but one of the major consequences was that the amount of music in circulation has steeply increased and it's frankly overwhelming. There's so much music around that it would take a person several lifetimes listening non-stop to even scratch the surface of what's out there. The fact is that we can't get through all of it alone.

But therein lies the key to the solution.

We may not be able to do it by ourselves, but together we can document and analyze every song in existence, allowing each other to discover the different types of music that we're trying to find, and giving a voice to every artist that has something to say. This is our mission. Pitchweight is the first system to properly leverage the enormous power of crowd-sourced data in order to bring clarity to the excessively prolific music world.

Best of all, Pitchweight is open. This means that artists don't have to resort to shady practices like payola, bribery, and under-the-table deals in order to get their music on our site. Everyone gets an equal chance to share what they've made and have it judged by the same standards as the next person, whether it's the garage band down the street or Lady Gaga.

We are not currently generating any profit or monetizing our product in any way. At the moment, we feel it's important to simply demonstrate what the music industry could be like.

Why do I have to sign in with Facebook?

We require signing in with Facebook solely for the purpose of verifying that you're a real person. The nature of this site is very different from others in that we rely very much on user input to build our content. Because of this, it's important that we know that our ratings and tags are coming from real individuals, not an army of fake accounts controlled by some selfish person that wants to abuse the system. In order to maintain the integrity of our content, we're even going the extra mile and requiring that you have verified a phone number with Facebook as well. (Click here for how to verify your phone number on Facebook.)

Fortunately, our target audience has a very high percentage of verified Facebook users and we think that you guys will understand these points. Don't worry about your data too, all we're asking for is the bare minimum that Facebook provides publicly anyway: your name, profile picture, age range, gender, language, country, and friend list. We also ask for your email in case we have to communicate with you about your account. But we do promise to never use this information in any way without your explicit consent.

Where's the score for this song? How come some songs have scores and some don't?

Songs are scored once they have reached a certain statistical significance based on the number of people that have voted and the distribution of these people's votes. Because of this, you'll notice that some songs have scores and some don't, it's just a matter of whether we're confident in the score we're putting up for you to see. However, with enough votes and a strong enough concentration of certain opinion, each song will inevitably display a score eventually.

How do I upload my music to Pitchweight if it's not already listed?

Go to the Upload page. There you will be required to register an artist name and then be given the options of registering an album and/or uploading your songs. It's pretty intuitive and we think you'll have an easy time getting your music up there so that it looks like every other song listing.

What are Pitch Points? How do I earn rewards for rating music?

Pitch Points is our experimental program that rewards you for rating songs. We're in the testing stages to see if such a program will provide us the data we're looking for, as right now we want to focus on new and popular music (any songs off these eligible albums qualify for Pitch Points). How much you're paid will be directly influenced by how accurate you are at predicting what people will like, kind of like how a music producer knows what's good and what isn't. You'll be able to monitor how well you're doing by clicking the "My Account" link in the upper right hand corner (when you're logged in) and checking your current pay rate in the Pitch Points section. Once you reach a certain Pitch Point level, you'll be able to redeem your points for rewards such as Amazon gift certificates.

I am involved with media/PR/investing, how can I contact you?

All enquiries can be addressed to ...hmmm you don't have javascript enabled so I'm wondering whether you're a spambot at this point... try enabling javascript to see the email address.

Where can I get help with using the site?

You can use ...yeah I'm just not sure you're not a spambot, not saying I don't trust you but... I don't trust you. :-) But I do wish you all the luck for any issues you may have with using the site.